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Clean and new kitchen

It's our priority and our privilege to help you create the bathroom or kitchen that suits your style and your personality. Let us make your every last dream come true.

GUARANTEED service for all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.


Get the kitchen or the bathroom that you've always wanted when you remodel with our professional craftsmen. You're not going to believe the results you get when you choose the pros at Steve Kotary Home Improvement.


Imagine yourself cooking in a professional chef's kitchen or luxuriating in your own spa-like bathroom. Let us make these dreams your reality when you let us remodel your space. Your kitchen or bathroom is going to transform into something that is unrecognizable, and you're going to fall in love with your home all over again.

Remodel with style

Indulge your every whim

Let us breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom with superior remodeling. Your space is going to become what it was meant to be.


When our team is finished with the project, you're going to be moved to tears from the sheer emotion.

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