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Steve Kotary Home Improvement

"A Good Reputation Doesn't Just Happen"

Our seamless additions are going to seem like the new space was always part of the original structure. Nobody will ever be able to tell.

GUARANTEED service for all of your home improvement projects including additions.


You love your home, your neighborhood, and your community, but as the years go by, you seem to be running out of space in your home. If this is your reality, you're the perfect candidate for a home addition.


Why move when you can just add on to your existing home? Our superior additions are seamless. You're not going to feel like you've got a choppy house where rooms don't seem to make sense because of an addition that has failed. Our additions are going to enhance your home in every way, and you're going to love it.

Maximize your home

Make your home work for you

Get the space you desperately need and add instant value when you choose an addition. The results are going to be phenomenal.


Your beautiful addition is going to make your home work for you in every way.

House extension Adding extension for the house